Holiday in Croatia

2007-07-29 by xpheas
From wednesday to saturday I and my brother made a trip to Croatia.
Our first stop was in Rijeka, the seaport of Croatia.
At night we drove to Opatija where we had some pivos (beers) in the bars there and found a private accomodation to sleep.
The next day we drove to Pag, a island of Croatia witch only can be arrived with ferry.
On Pag we drove to Novalja, a really cool town on the island, many tourists, fine beaches, pretty girls and party around the clock.



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My trip to Graz

2007-07-23 by xpheas
Last weekend i visited a friend of mine in Graz.
I was pretty much stressed out (after a hard and long week of work) when I started my trip to Graz after work on friday.
I think it was 14.30 PM when I drove home, packed my bag,
entered the target address into "TomTom" (GPS Navigation-System) and started.
A few hours later I arrived...
At night we checked out the nightlife, irish-pub, alternative-club (for insider: like Filiale in FE, but pretty much bigger) and of course some sightseeing.

At the next day we played Paintball with some other guys (first time for me and most of the others).
It was a little too hot (35°C) but so much fun, much more then playing Counter-Strike, because getting shot with paintballs hurts.

Well, it was a pretty funny weekend.

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Rip Internet Radio

2007-07-01 by xpheas
I never have enough music so i was looking for a legal way to get some more and found Streamripper.
Streamripper is a console tool to download music from Internet radio. (Just perfect for me, i love console tools *gg*)

If you also want some music for free check out this:

Installing Streamripper (on Ubuntu Feisty):

First enable the "universe" repositoriy:
Open the sources.list (as sudo) with your prefered editor and look for these line:
deb feisty main restricted

change it to:
deb feisty main restricted universe multiverse

(I've also added the multiverse repositoriy)

Refresh the package list and install Streamripper
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install streamripper

Now you can rip music from your favorite internet station:
streamripper -d /home/xpheas/music -r 8008

That rips music from into my music folder.
With "-r 8008" Streamripper creates a relay server on port 8008, so you can rip the stream and
also listen it with your media player, without downloading the stream twice.
Simply open "http://localhost:8008" on your media player.

Have fun!

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